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Airflow Breathing Strips - Enhance Sleep, Performance and Focus

Airflow Breathing Strips - Enhance Sleep, Performance and Focus

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✅ Optimized Sleep: Enhances breathing, lessens snoring.
✅ Sharper Focus: Boosts oxygen flow, improves alertness.
✅ Athletic Performance: Aids breathing, ups your game.
✅ Transparent Comfort: Unnoticeable, gentle all night.
✅ Strong Adhesion: Stays on during any activity.
✅ Simple & Safe: Easy to apply, drug-free solution.
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Our strips are designed to support your dynamic lifestyle and restful sleep, ensuring better breathing around the clock.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Matej K.

Breathing strips = instant energy boost. Love it!❤️

Yara H.

Even my skeptical dad likes them a lot. He always had breathing problems, but not anymore. These strips have improved his daily life, and he's grateful for the relief.

Huhie Z.


Hugo F.

Better sleep with these strips. Recommend👍🏽

Teodor L.

Spotted these on Instagram and decided to give them a try. Regret not finding them earlier. They've become a daily essential enhancing my overall well-being.🙏

  • Clean your nose

    Before applying the strip, ensure your nose is free of oils or makeup by cleansing thoroughly. This prepares your skin for maximum adherence and effectiveness.

  • Place it correctly

    apply the strip, aligning it to match the shape of your nose bridge for a snug fit. Press down gently to secure it, ensuring it stays on throughout your day for continuous relief.

  • Breathe better.

    With the strip in place, you're all set. Go about your day as usual with improved airflow


How do I use AirFlow Breathing Strips?

Make sure to clean and dry your nose before applying a breathing strip. AirFlow Breathing Strips adhere well to a clean, oil-free, and dry nose.

How long can you use one strip for?

A single strip can last for more than 12 hours, depending on moisture exposure.

When should I best use AirFlow Breathing Strips?

Our strips can be worn at all times, with most noticeable differences during exercise, sleep, when experiencing a cold, or for improved concentration at work.

How long does delivery take?

International delivery typically takes around 5 to 7 days.

When should I not use AirFlow Breathing Strips?

We do not recommend using breathing strips if you have very sensitive skin. If uncertain due to a medical condition or prior nose injury, consult a healthcare professional before using our breathing strips.